Fashion Lounge is not a global brand nor is it a multi-million dollar incorporation. Fashion Lounge is a passion project made by Two Friends who love fashion and are sick of the astronomical prices and the lack of diverse items to put an outfit together.

You know how the clothing shopping experience is like for guys, whether it is online or in-store. we are always met with limited options (Same design just different colors) and when we are lucky and hit the jackpot with a great collection, the prices are always astronomical because who wants to pay $500 per outfit?! 

The solution was right in front of us, but there was another problem that presented itself, as we are passionate about what we offer. China offers great collection and designs but the quality is never guaranteed. and Fashion Lounge was born. Let us take the risk and test the clothing items for you to make sure it is of high quality and you can buy it and enjoy it once it has been listed on our website. Simple Really!